Leadership Journey – Visualized

In collaboration with Solla Sophoniasdottir from HUB Cph

The Master Program ‘Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability’ at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola wanted their Leadership thread visualized for new students to get an overview of the journey to become change agents for a more sustainable world and society.


Drawing at Sea

Drawing out the journey from Greifswald (GER) to Gdansk (POL) on a ship named Lovis

How can we support a more mature society?
What can we learn from reconnecting with youth and elders in our communities?
What is Youth?
What is Eldership?

A diverse group of 30 youth and elders set out on a journey on the Baltic sea to reflect on those questions and a lot more.

Collectively reflecting on the journey as Lovis approaches Gdansk.


The Visual Toolbox Training – the Netherlands

The Flexible Platform  ( http://www.flexibleplatform.org/EN/home ) co-hosted a 2 day training Graphic Facilitation and Visual thinking ‘ An introduction to the Visual Toolbox’. It was a pleasure working with a group of ambitious curious individuals from the public, private and 3rd sector of Eindhoven and beyond.

Deep concentration during the assignment ‘My Life Story’ as the participants are learning about the benefits of using visual support in storytelling and to memorize information.