We are making a book

… about graphic facilitation in education

In Tools for Schools we have picked up the challenge of writing a book about the use of visual language to enhance shared understanding, creative thinking and collaboration in primary and secondary school. Sorry for all the paper waste, but it is so much more fun to see what we have created on one wall, than page by page on a small screen, and easier to talk about it too.


A Therapeutic Journey

Visualizing the 5 stages that we go through, in order to integrate a schocking experience

… And the next one showing the therapeutic journey where the client revisit the different stages in order to heal the trauma

Crash Course at the Manor

In order to build capacity for harvesting during the ‘Learning Village’, why not train a group of curious participants, so we don’t need to do all the work ourselves.

Maja Rottbøll and I hosted a 2 hour session in graphic facilitation and visual recording at the Manor in Slovenia, and the good news, where that they could walk straight into practice after.

 Running the participants through the core elements of the visual language, People, Place, Process and SPeech

 And then it is their turn. Please notice the fireplace in the back

Visual recording at ‘The Learning Village’, Slovenia

Visual harvest of a full week of living and learning together at the Statenberg Manor with participants of all ages.

The Global network ‘Art of Hosting Conversations that matters’ was hosting a week of diving deep into the question of
‘What might happen if we inquire deeply together into learning, community and possibility?’
Participants from around 30 countries, ranging from social entrepreneurs, artists, consultants, changemakers, politicians and NGO representatives spend a full week together at one of the spectacular manors of Slovenia.

Ready to start the harvest. The Childrens Journey in the bottom has already begun.

The harvest was open for anyone who wanted to apprentice in the art of visual recording.