Let’s talk about the GOOD LIFE

… 140 institutional leaders from Nørrebro-Bispebjerg gathered for a 2 day dialogue on the subject how can we host and lead our employees to co-create a good life and learning for our children in the institutions.

The Visual Harvest by the end of day 1

Nanna Frank is introducing the concept of Graphic Facilitation in front of the Visual Recording.



… A visual strategy for the NGO Habitat for Humanity, Bratislava.

Habitat’s Europe and Central Asia regional headquarters is based in Bratislava, Slovakia (http://www.habitat.org/) asked for my support to visually communicate a new strategy for an online collaborative learning and innovation platform they wanted to present to the global organization.
They are suggesting that knowledge sharing is a core practice for growth, and I couldn’t agree more. Their concept as well is interesting, and I am looking forward to follow the project.


… for another training in Graphic Facilitation and Visual Recording.

23 participants from all sectors, in all ages and diverse backgrounds couragely dived into a 2 day intensive training strategic doodling. The event was co-hosted with Wiebke Koch and Jutta Weimar Consulting at a new incubator and office collective for social entrepreneurs in Berlin, .garageBERLIN.

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