KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Introducing Graphic Facilitation to ‘Design and Business at KEA…

A group of students on their way to Istanbul with the task of designing a product or service for a country and a culture that is yet foreign to them – What a great challenge.

After a short introduction to the basics the team worked in smaller groups with some templates designed with the purpose of mapping out the known and unknown parts of the assignment.

IMG_2716 IMG_2717



I hosted my first open training in Copenhagen at the beautiful HUB – What a nice learning environment.

A group of 9 courageous people joined me for 2 days of intensive doodling at the HUB in Copenhagen, bringing in each individual projects for the second day to kick-start the translation from method to actual practice in their everyday life.

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Collaboration between Municipality and voluntary Organizations

How can Glostrup Municipality support the local voluntary organizations and associations in a meaningful way to give the citizens optimal conditions for sport, culture and other activities?

This was amongst the questions that Ingerfair ( who have specialized in working with and training volunteers posed to a group of municipality workers, politicians and association members on a 2 day workshop this weekend.

I did the visual harvest of the last day together with Emil Rose, and we had a great time. Hope to get more opportunities to work with both him and Ingerfair.


1 schools – 5 locations – One shared vision.

Langelinie Skole spread over 5 different locations mostly in Østerbro, Copenhagen is facing times of transformation.

Therefore the management are inviting staff, parents, and students to give input in the co-creation of a shared vision and goal setting for the school as they are moving into new buildings, new organizational structure, new partnerships and new working patterns.
Here is the harvest from an afternoon with the staff.





DALvision – Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada was hosting a 1 day seminar about the future of undergrate education. 

Besides ordinary presentations, and panel discussion the seminar invited the participants for several participatory explorational sessions and we designed a personal note-template where each participant could harvest on the following questions throughout the day.

What is inspiring me?
What is provoking me?
What is my big Vision?
What steps do I feel inspired to take?






Inspirational posters with questions to tickle the innovative mindset during the workshop

Harvest template for the café sessions

Individual harvest template.