Creating a temporary Village for Learning

Cutting edge educators, scientists and futurists states that the most important skill to learn in education, work and life is learning to learn 

So how do we do that ? I am always on the look-out for new opportunities for learning and growth. The AoH Learning Village is one of my favorite gatherings for learning, so together with a wonderful team of wise dreamers and doers we invited for a Learning Village at the HUB ( in Copenhagen this weekend. 40 people from 12 countries joined us for 3 days of teachings, reflections, storytelling, singing and celebrations. The calling question for the gathering was

‘How does the ME and WE work and play together in a gathering of practitioners and in our work for meaningful change in the world?’

The Art of Hosting is a global network and a collection of tools, mindsets and methodologies for working with transformative and collaborative processes in all scales.
For more information please visit:

Here are some photos from the Learning Village

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