Learn Graphic Facilitation


I offer 1-3 days workshops for beginners and experienced practitioners, and I work from the principle that it needs to be relevant and directly applicable on your own work and projects to be valuable.

Graphic facilitation skills empower you to bring structure to your ideas by using simple pictures. The visual language helps to create a shared understanding in multidisciplinary teams. Visual recording is a powerful method to capture and structure your ideas discussed and  helps you share the outcomes of your meetings.

Are you working in a field where it is appreciated that you can

  • Communicate effectively?
  • Navigate in complexity?
  • Collaborate purposefully?
  • Provide overview and shared understanding for teams and groups in all sizes ?

If your answer to one of these question is ‘Yes’ you might benefit from learning more about how to use Graphic Facilitation and Visual thinking in your daily work.

Graphic facilitation and visual thinking is a powerful practical methodology for people working in the field of leadership, project based work, consulting, education, facilitation, design, architecture, coaching and more.

Getting familiar with ‘The Visual Toolbox’ and deep concentration as we practice

Presentation and feedback in pairs… and maybe stealing some good ideas

And then you go full scale

And off you go ready to change the world one drawing at the time.


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