Have you ever experienced one of those 1 hour team meetings that ends up being 2 hours. You leave the meeting not really sure of what decisions where made and why, and know that it might be your own fault, because you were not really listening. The few times you tried to contribute it was overheard, actually John was the only one who wasn’t overheard voicing his strong opinion on things often out of the subject.

We have all been there and we can all make sure we don’t go there again by providing simple visual guidelines for the meeting, making sure that everyone is on the same page, when it comes to purpose, desired outcome and roles at the meeting. When is the meeting is about clarification and when is it about exploring new opportunities. This could also be the case for a conference or long term process on issues like the development of new strategy for your company.

With the help of visual templates designed to meet your themes and topics, I facilitate the process, and from idea generation to execution plan.

idea generation session on how to promote openness and inclusion in Copenhagen using visual templates

Brainstorm on activities to create a healthy ‘Entrepreneurial Eco System’ in Aarhus


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