Why Visual Thinking


Through my experience working and teaching in the field of Graphic Facilitation, I have become aware of some remarkable benefits.

To start out, try to imagine this website without the pictures and drawings. You can download it in a 4 page ‘word’ document here if you prefer
A bit boring to be honest.

By using visual language when presenting a new idea or strategy, you provide a good overview and ensure that your audience understand the context as well as the idea.




By using visual language in a creative process you activate the right part of your brain. Activating the right side of your brain enables you to think more creatively and therefore come up with more creative and innovative solutions.



It is impossible to disagree on an image, but you can talk about it. This is useful in work situations that requires engagement and collaboration




Pictures make people curious. Your pitch or presentation will get different kind of attention when supported by something visual that people can follow while you are doing the talking. It also supports you rhetorically. You simply become a better speaker because you can lean against your drawing.



It is easier to give honest feedback on something that is drawn out on a piece of paper, than on something comming out of your CEO’s mouth.




By using visual language you can illustrate the bigger picture and the different parts of the process at once. you can jump between meta-level and detail without loosing the red thread. This makes it a great tool for storytelling and knowledge sharing.



By having a physical manifestation of a process or meeting the group tend to feel an increased sense of meaning and ownership for the outcome.




By using images you can build a shared language when working with multistakeholder projects





By using graphic facilitation in a dynamic process you provide a simple structure that allows for complex issues to change shape within the given frames.




And… We all want to be seen + We want to be heard + We want to contribute


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